Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions are a 1:1 ratio extensions meant to lengthen, and add dimension - they create a beautiful lash look from the moment you wake up.
Because the lashes are applied at one extension per lash, fullness can be limited - but length and design are assessed by our lash techs to best suite your lashes.
A full set will last 2+ weeks, and can easily be maintained long term with bi-weekly fills!

Classic Set: $135 (2 - 2.5hr service)

Bi-weekly Fills: $50 - $60 (45 min+)
Fill price is based on fill time need & retention
Fills are meant to freshen up your full set, and replace natural grow out and lash loss.
Less than 30% of your lashes will require a full set.

Removal: $30
Not feeling your current lash set, or don’t want to wait the grow out after a special event?
Our lash remover will expedite the process and leave your natural lashes in tact.
Remember: No picking!

Extension Aftercare:

*Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours
*Do not use mascara or a curler on your extensions
*Brush your lashes daily, be gentle!
*Wash your eye makeup off nightly, and cleanse your lashes with lash cleanser & gentle eye brush
*Avoid oil-based eye products (creams, removers)
*No picking! If you need removal, please contact us.