A note from Roxy;

“I am often asked how I got started in makeup...
Well, long story short…I stepped out of my comfort zone!

What started off as a hobby, getting friends & family ready for special occasions - has flourished, with hard work and dedication, into a career. I couldn't be more excited to share my love for makeup artistry with the world!

But, it wasn't always this way... In 2004, I was accepted and enrolled to attend at Temple University in Philadelphia for Law. Against the recommendations of my family and friends I decided to take a moment for myself, and hold off on schooling to travel. 

And, Well…Travel I did! In the midst of my worldly adventures and travels on a whim, I met a photographer who convinced me to model. After a painful attempt, I admitted I was on the wrong side of the camera and that my true passion was on the working side, with my makeup brushes. This photographer, Harry Connor, formally Connor Portraits, must have seen my eagerness to pursue makeup as a career. He & his wife Janie warmly welcomed me with open arms into the world of photography, with a chair in his studio and an offer to be booked for his clients. For 13 years we grew together, continually working and growing daily, while building our clientele… through and through, our friendship and our careers have flourished!

Along the years of building my brand, I have held positions with prestigious retail makeup lines such as MAC Cosmetics & The Estee Lauder Companies. In addition to working hands on with cosmetic brands, I have also pursued individual certifications and classes to further my techniques, knowledge, and experience. I have had the love and support of my family, and have met wonderful clients who have become friends, all of whom continue to support the Makeup by Roxy dream. I've been lucky enough to work alongside of some of the nations leaders in the wedding, photography and makeup industries. At the end of the day, I can say that I truly love what I do. There is always room to grow, and I continue to push to myself, and now my team, further and to our fullest potential. 

Each and every day I wake up holds new and exciting services, in new and exciting locations! Not to mention, walking into an amazing studio with the ultimate dream team by my side. We’ve had the opportunity to celebrate 5 consecutive years as “Best of The Leigh Valley” and taken home several notable awards for our service offerings!

Now, as I celebrate 15 years of artistry, and “Makeup by Roxy” - I have taken a step back from artistry and my personal clientele to cultivate and run my brand.

I have a direct focus on giving my clients the best possible customer service experience with my team, who carry on the MBR brand today. My job, now, is to enrich budding artists, and seasoned artists alike, with a career in the industry that has given me so much opportunity.”